Cane Island Alternative Advisors, LLC, has completed its first performance examination (audit) of investment results from January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016.  Results were independently examined by Alpha Performance Verification Services. 

"Our performance has been very good, perhaps exceptional, and to have some external credibility associated with our work was very important to us," said investment manager and founder, Timothy Peterson.

Michael Hultzapple, of Alpha Performance Verification Services, said "We're pleased to work with Cane Island Alternative Advisors and Mr. Peterson on this best practice initiative."   Alpha Performance Verification Services specializes in providing investment performance verification services. 

Cane Island also completed its branding initiative, which includes development of a logo, revised website, and instagram page.  "The stylized 'CI' represents Cane Island and simultaneously incorporates a shooting star in keeping with the Company's slogans "Move Forward" and "Achieve Something Great."

Cane Island's website can be viewed at  The instagram page is at


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